Wudaokou inspires our aim to present the experience of living abroad in China to an online audience.

Learn Mandarin Chinese language and culture
Wudaokou Borderless Learning co-founders Christopher Alesevich and Michael Fengbo, above, a short walk from Wudaokou at Peking University

What's Wudaokou and what's so special about it?

Wudaokou is the most important window into life in Beijing and China you've never heard of.

The center of Beijing's district of higher education, Wudaokou is the destination of thousands of foreign students who travel here annually to learn Chinese. More than 10 major universities call Wudaokou home, including world-famous Peking and Tsinghua Universities, which are commonly regarded as the Harvard and MIT of China.

Wudaokou as seen on Google Maps:

Fueled by its multiculturalism and youthful energy, Wudaokou is an up and coming trend in its own right, increasingly becoming home to stylish outlets for shopping, eating, and fun. It is fair to say that the rising generation of China specialists in business, government and academia will all have special appreciation for the meaning of Wudaokou. In fact, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner studied abroad in Wudaokou as a college student, and it is a place that New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand knows from her student days in Beijing as well.