Learn Chinese with Wudaokou RSS Feedshttp://www.wudaokou.comRecent articles on Wudaokou Bordelessen-usBordeless Learning/document/rss-logoChinese Myth of the Creation of the World and Mankindhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_Myth_of_the_Creation_of_the_World_and_MankindIt may seem that every culture has its own tale about the creation of the world and the beginnings of mankind -- and China is no different. The ancient Chinese story of the beginning of the univers]]>2011-04-20 12:25:00Face in Chinese culture: winning, losing and giving ithttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Face_in_Chinese_culture_winning_losing_and_giving_itFace (脸 liǎn or 面子 miànzi) is one of the most crucial and subtle concepts in Chinese culture. For outsiders, however, the notion of face and its applications in daily life can be confusing ]]>2011-04-11 10:58:56Soymilk and you tiao, the most popular breakfast in Chinahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Soymilk_and_you_tiao_the_most_popular_breakfast_in_ChinaOn the streets of any Chinese city early in the morning, you'll see all kinds of foods served as breakfast in stores or vendor's stands. Today let's take a look at one of the most popular Chinese]]>2011-03-31 12:47:31The story of Wu Zetian, China's only crowned female empresshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_story_of_Wu_Zetian_Chinas_only_crowned_female_empressChina's Tang Dynasty (618–907) is regarded as one of the golden ages of Chinese history. A time of invention and advancements in civil government and literature, the Tang Dynasty saw China's only]]>2011-03-23 01:00:13The fairy tale world of China's Jiuzhai Valleyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_fairy_tale_world_of_Chinas_Jiuzhai_ValleyDeep China's hinterland wilderness, in northern Sichuan Province, lies one of China's great natural treasures. Called Jiuzhai Valley -- also known as Jiuzhaigou National Park -- it is a nature rese]]>2011-03-11 12:41:11The wide geography and many flavors of Chinese cuisinehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_wide_geography_and_many_flavors_of_Chinese_cuisinePerhaps little known to Chinese learners that haven't lived in China, the phrase "Have you eaten yet?" is often used as a greeting. While some linguists suggest this phrase was born of the period o]]>2011-02-25 12:19:35Mount Tai -- the most sacred of China's sacred mountains?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Mount_Tai__the_most_sacred_of_Chinas_sacred_mountainsOne of the great "Five Sacred Mountains" of China, Mount Tai sits not far from Beijing in the city of Tai'an in neighboring Shandong Province. With a history of over 3,000 years, the mountain has a]]>2011-02-15 10:29:15798, Beijing's heralded district of arthttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/798_Beijings_heralded_district_of_artIn the northeast corner of Beijing there is an artistic area known as the 798 Art District, named after factories that populated the area in the 1950s. Originally state-owned electronic factories,]]>2011-02-09 01:09:52Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rabbit is herehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Happy_Chinese_New_Year_Year_of_the_Rabbit_is_hereToday is Chinese New Year's Eve, and midnight tonight ushers in the Year of the Rabbit.

The longest-lived and most important festival in China, Chinese New Year is observed throughout Chi]]>2011-02-02 03:06:13Next week is year 4708 in Chinese lunar calendarhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Next_week_is_year_4708_in_Chinese_lunar_calendarFirmly rooted in the lore of Chinese astrology, the Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional calendar of China and many Asian countries. Chinese New Year, which takes place next week on February 2]]>2011-01-26 05:19:07The traditional Chinese Laba Festival and its porridgehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_traditional_Chinese_Laba_Festival_and_its_porridgeThis past week the traditional Chinese Laba Festival holiday was celebrated in China. A lunar holiday, it falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

On this day in most parts of ]]>2011-01-16 06:00:07Top Annual Chinese Characters and Words of 2010http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Top_Annual_Chinese_Characters_and_Words_of_2010 Each year over the past five, the "Annual Chinese Characters and Words of Chinese Language Check" report is published in Beijing by Chinese online and print publishing companies. The reports aims ]]>2011-01-11 03:17:39Commemorating Chairman Mao's 117th birthdayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Commemorating_Chairman_Maos_117th_birthdayThis past week one of the largest figures in modern Chinese history, Mao Zedong, turned 117. To commemorate the occasion, his small countryside hometown in southern China hosted activities to celeb]]>2011-01-04 01:20:01The rush to relieve Beijing's traffic woeshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_rush_to_relieve_Beijings_traffic_woesJust before Christmas a few days ago, Beijing government authorities convened a news conference to outline emergency measures to fight the city's increasing traffic woes, including an aggressive ef]]>2010-12-27 05:48:00Grand Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow Riverhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Grand_Hukou_Waterfall_of_the_Yellow_RiverThe most famous waterfall on China's most famous river, the Hukou waterfall is a unique sight on the Yellow River. Located between Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces in central China, the Chinese collect]]>2010-12-23 11:27:51Report on marriage in China: No house, no wife?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Report_on_marriage_in_China_No_house_no_wifeThe All-China Women's Federation and the Chinese Research Association on Marriage and Family joined forces to publish a report on marriage trends in China this past week. The investigation, which l]]>2010-12-19 09:21:02Chinese teas: fending off the winter coldhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_teas_fending_off_the_winter_coldAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, tea is a great way to fend off the health dangers of wintertime. Traditional Chinese medicine observes winter weather is very cold, many things on earth a]]>2010-12-13 08:31:44Chinese history: 5000 years and 4 types of societieshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_history_5000_years_and_4_types_of_societiesChinese people are proud to belong to the world's longest continuous civilization. Generally the Chinese people regard Chinese history as about 5,000 years long, and although there are different op]]>2010-11-28 08:46:45Did you know? Traditional pets in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Did_you_know_Traditional_pets_in_BeijingLike anywhere else, Chinese people take great enjoyment and care in their pets -- and like anywhere else, people in Beijing have their prefences. There are many traditional pets in Beijing, which c]]>2010-11-19 11:21:302010 Asian Games open in Guangzhou -- a top 10http://www.wudaokou.com/article/2010_Asian_Games_open_in_Guangzhou__a_top_10The 2010 Asian Games opened this weekend in China's southern city of Guangzhou. Over the period of two weeks, athletes from nations across Asia will compete in 476 events that span 42 sports, inclu]]>2010-11-14 10:36:16When 'Have you eaten?' means 'Hello'http://www.wudaokou.com/article/When_Have_you_eaten_means_HelloAs an informal greeting, Chinese people like to use "chī le ma?" -- which means "have you eaten yet?" -- when it is the time for a meal. Foreigners who don’t understand this kind of custom might]]>2010-11-08 06:45:17High-speed rail connects Shanghai and Hangzhouhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Highspeed_rail_connects_Shanghai_and_HangzhouThis past week, China's newest high speed train hit the tracks at Hongqiao Station in Shanghai. Called "CRH 380A" and connecting the nearby cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou, the train has set a new ]]>2010-11-01 08:19:21Young Chinese parents and "baby engagements"http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Young_Chinese_parents_and_baby_engagementsFor centuries in China, "baby engagement" was a term synonymous with arranged marriage -- and therefore is now prohibited. However, the term is becoming widely popular again among young parents bor]]>2010-10-25 09:09:31Traditional Chinese family is slowly changinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Traditional_Chinese_family_is_slowly_changingLike people anywhere, Chinese people attach great importance to family. In traditional Chinese culture, a multi-generational household with grandparents, parents, and children all living together i]]>2010-10-22 11:00:54The Double Ninth Festival celebrated this past Saturdayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_Double_Ninth_Festival_celebrated_this_past_SaturdayIn the lunar calendar, the ninth of September is a traditional Chinese festival, which is called The Double Ninth Festival. Although this festival was originally formed as early as the Period of Wa]]>2010-10-18 09:00:41Beijing's aim: More international students in Wudaokouhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijings_aim_More_international_students_in_WudaokouRecently, a report from China News indicates the government of Beijing is actively working to dramatically increase the number of foreign students in its Wudaokou area. Presently Beijing has a fore]]>2010-10-15 09:31:53Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in Chinese Culturehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Lucky_and_Unlucky_Numbers_in_Chinese_CultureIn Chinese, numbers has a far richer meaning than being a tool for counting. Superstitions are popular among Chinese people. For example, do you ever wonder why the opening ceremony of the 2008 Oly]]>2010-10-13 12:45:59Dragon Boat Festival: boat races, zongzi, and a patriot poethttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Dragon_Boat_Festival_boat_races_zongzi_and_a_patriot_poetOne of China's most famous traditional holidays, the Dragon Boat Festival has a long history and special customs, including dragon boat races and eating zongzi. The holiday each year falls o]]>2010-10-06 07:59:01People's Republic of China turns 61 todayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Peoples_Republic_of_China_turns_61_todayToday is the 61st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which was declared atop the Tian'anmen Rostrum by Mao Zedong today in 1949.

Last year was the country's 60]]>2010-10-01 01:50:52Legend of Qingming, or Tomb Sweeping Dayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Legend_of_Qingming_or_Tomb_Sweeping_DayTomb Sweeping Day, called Qingming Day in Chinese, is a traditional Chinese festival with a long history. It usually occurs around April 5. It is a holiday to go out to enjoy the greenery of spring]]>2010-09-26 05:59:57Traveling to China? You will need a visahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Traveling_to_China_You_will_need_a_visaLike many countries, visitors to China require a valid passport and visa. Visas are easy to arrange: they can be handled through an intermediary travel agency or by going directly to one's Chinese ]]>2010-09-20 04:18:13Welcome to Zhongguancun, China's Silicon Valleyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Welcome_to_Zhongguancun_Chinas_Silicon_ValleyKnown as "China's Silicon Valley," Zhongguancun is an abbreviation for an aggregate of many close-by computers markets, where a great mix of legitimte and pirated software, gray market imports, ref]]>2010-09-16 08:00:33The Four Great Inventions of Ancient Chinahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_Four_Great_Inventions_of_Ancient_ChinaWith a country with over five thousand years of history, Chinese are proud of their splendid culture and achievements in literature, music, art and so on. Among them, the so-called Four Great Inven]]>2010-09-12 09:37:12The legend behind China's Lantern Festivalhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_legend_behind_Chinas_Lantern_FestivalFalling on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival is one of China's major holidays, as it marks the end of Spring Festival. Always taking place under a full moon, the Lantern F]]>2010-09-08 08:01:24China's luxury car market is on fire, literallyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinas_luxury_car_market_is_on_fire_literallyWhen Ferrari announced earlier this week that it was recalling all 458 Italia models made this year after 5 had caugh]]>2010-09-04 02:10:50Types of Chinese tea: an overviewhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Types_of_Chinese_tea_an_overviewChina has a long history of growing and drinking tea. Chinese people drink tea during many parts of the day, such as during meals for good health or for simple pleasure. Chinese tea may be classifi]]>2010-09-02 04:06:45Beijing visitor's guide: the Silk Street Markethttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_visitors_guide_the_Silk_Street_MarketThe Silk Street Market is a very famous shopping center located in Beijing, China. It is famous for their wide selection of clothes and other items. Many visitors feel Silk Street is a must-visit d]]>2010-08-31 04:24:53WWE comes to China, and fans love ithttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/WWE_comes_to_China_and_fans_love_itThis past week at the Shanghai Expo an event took place that may be a harbinger for things to come in the Chinese sports market: WWE rocked the house in its first live event in China.

The]]>2010-08-29 10:08:11Traffic woes plague drivers as 'traffic begets traffic'http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Traffic_woes_plague_drivers_as_traffic_begets_trafficA traffic jam on the outskirts of Beijing has garnered great deals of media attention from both Chinese and international press, illustrating an inescapable theme of modern China: its road transpor]]>2010-08-26 07:08:49Public transportation in Beijing: an overviewhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Public_transportation_in_Beijing_an_overviewPublic transportation plays a very important role in Beijing. The most common three means of public transportation are bus, subway and taxi.


In Beijing, the most common me]]>2010-08-22 00:00:00Clean energy coming soon to China, everybody hopeshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Clean_energy_coming_soon_to_China_everybody_hopesThe New York Times reports on the Chinese government's plans to invest heavily in the development of 2010-08-20 05:08:11Mid-Autumn Festival: a beautiful but sad legendhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/MidAutumn_Festival_a_beautiful_but_sad_legendFalling on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Mid-autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival since it has a full moon on that night. It is a festival to celebrate harvest and family uni]]>2010-08-18 03:08:18In a sign of the times, Foxconn to move inlandhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/In_a_sign_of_the_times_Foxconn_to_move_inlandFoxconn Technology Group -- the giant computer manufacturer that makes well-known products for companies like Apple and Dell and has been in the news lately for a series of worker suicides -- has a]]>2010-08-18 02:08:18In China, most real estate in hands of speculators?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/In_China_most_real_estate_in_hands_of_speculatorsWhile it's been widely reported that real estate in China is red-]]>2010-08-17 11:08:56Top five places for Beijing visitorshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Top_five_places_for_Beijing_visitorsAs one of the most popular destinations in the word, Beijing is home to hundreds of tourist attractions and places of interest. It is the political, economic and cultural center of China. If you wa]]>2010-08-17 10:08:05How to pronounce Chinese: Pinyin Introductionhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_to_pronounce_Chinese_Pinyin_IntroductionWhen learning Chinese, one inevitable part is the study of pinyin. So what is pinyin and what is it used for? Just read the following brief introduction, and you may have an idea about it.

2010-08-17 09:08:59
Unmistakably ascendant, Chinese economy overtakes Japanhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Unmistakably_ascendant_Chinese_economy_overtakes_JapanWith the release from Tokyo of Japan's second quarter 2010 GDP statistics, something long expected has already happened: the absolute size of China's economy has inched passed Japan, making it Asia]]>2010-08-16 09:08:24Chinese Valentine's Day, telling a famous love storyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_Valentines_Day_telling_a_famous_love_storyToday is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. It is a special day: Chinese Valentine's Day.There is a well-known love story for this day.


It was said that the Em]]>2010-08-16 08:08:31Tips for Traveling in Beijing: Climate and Weatherhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Tips_for_Traveling_in_Beijing_Climate_and_WeatherLocated in the warm temperature zone, Beijing has a climate of continental type. It has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer and winter last longer than spring and autum]]>2010-08-12 12:08:10An overview of major Chinese festivals and holidayshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/An_overview_of_major_Chinese_festivals_and_holidaysIn China, a wide variety of festivals and holidays are observed, both traditional ones with long history and modern ones that attracting more and more fans.

Following are the most pop]]>2010-08-11 05:08:37Chinese dumplings are symbolic and taste greathttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_dumplings_are_symbolic_and_taste_greatIn China, dumpling (jiaozi) is a traditional food. Chinese people are deeply attached to it. There are several key words associated with dumplings in my mind: wealth, family union, festivals (happi]]>2010-08-05 00:00:00Exploding population poses riskhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Exploding_population_poses_riskResearch published this week by the Beijing People's Political Consultative Conference gives a sobering report on the risks of the fast-growing population of the capital city, including environment]]>2010-07-25 00:00:00High speed railway coming soonhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/High_speed_railway_coming_soon2010-07-19 03:08:20Usher in Beijing sings some Mandarinhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Usher_in_Beijing_sings_some_MandarinAmerican R&B music star Usher performed this Sunday in Beijing's Wukesong Stadium -- even singing a bit of Mandarin, MTV reports. In his first-ever show in China, Usher teamed up with American-Taiw]]>2010-07-14 00:00:00Xinhua launches overseas news channelhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Xinhua_launches_overseas_news_channel2010-07-07 03:08:37Renowned artist passes awayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Renowned_artist_passes_away2010-07-03 03:08:01New China web domains adoptedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/New_China_web_domains_adopted2010-06-29 03:08:01US visa services now on Saturdayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_visa_services_now_on_Saturday2010-06-23 02:08:15Job hurdles for migrant gradshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Job_hurdles_for_migrant_grads2010-06-20 02:08:27How connected are language and culture?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_connected_are_language_and_cultureHuge. Language and culture are tightly linked, because culture is embedded in language and language is the vehicle for culture itself.

For example, the chéngyǔ (成语 or idiom) is an i]]>2010-06-18 00:00:00Thunderstorm cools summer heathttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Thunderstorm_cools_summer_heat2010-06-17 02:08:06Karate Kid a box office winnerhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Karate_Kid_a_box_office_winner2010-06-13 02:08:11Minimum wage to increase 20 percenthttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Minimum_wage_to_increase_20_percent2010-06-09 09:37:08What are some examples of traditions in Chinese culture?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/What_are_some_examples_of_traditions_in_Chinese_cultureThere is nothing difficult to grasp about the everyday behavior of people in China. Like anyone who has interacted with a person from another culture knows, we're all human with the same cognitiv]]>2010-06-07 00:00:00Scroll auction breaks recordhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Scroll_auction_breaks_record2010-06-06 02:08:56MLB Play Ball! youth games openhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/MLB_Play_Ball_youth_games_open2010-05-31 02:08:08Oceanic trip makes discoverieshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Oceanic_trip_makes_discoveries2010-05-28 02:08:46US, China hail summit outcomehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_China_hail_summit_outcome2010-05-25 01:08:43Secs Clinton, Geithner lead grouphttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Secs_Clinton_Geithner_lead_group2010-05-22 01:08:55Beijing-Chicago flights confirmedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing-Chicago_flights_confirmed2010-05-12 01:08:08Beijing is the capital of China, right?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_is_the_capital_of_China_rightThat's right, Beijing is the capital of China, making it the modern political epicenter of the country. Beijing has a long history as the country's capital, and because of this it has developed a u]]>2010-05-10 00:00:00Philadelphia Orchestra performshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Philadelphia_Orchestra_performs2010-05-08 11:08:04Acrobat seeks world recordhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Acrobat_seeks_world_record2010-05-05 10:08:58National team taps US coach http://www.wudaokou.com/article/National_team_taps_US_coach_2010-05-02 10:08:44UChicago plans research centerhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/UChicago_plans_research_center2010-04-28 10:08:08How to order a great Hotpot meal in Chinahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_to_order_a_great_Hotpot_meal_in_ChinaHave you ever heard of hotpot? Well, if not, please read this article carefully since it will introduce something really delicious to you!

What is a hotpot?

Being popular all ove]]>
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Beijing Auto Show openshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_Auto_Show_opens2010-04-25 10:08:03Icelandic volcano cancels flightshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Icelandic_volcano_cancels_flights2010-04-22 09:08:19Earthquake rumors squashedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Earthquake_rumors_squashed2010-04-19 09:08:54What is the transportation like in Beijing?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/What_is_the_transportation_like_in_Beijing2010-04-18 00:00:00Intel debuts smartphone chiphttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Intel_debuts_smartphone_chip2010-04-15 09:08:15What are traditional and simplified Chinese characters about?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/What_are_traditional_and_simplified_Chinese_characters_aboutThere are two main sets of Chinese characters: traditional characters and simplified characters.

Traditional characters were the standard set of characters for over 1000 years. But in th]]>2010-04-15 00:00:00Subway ridership beats forecasthttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Subway_ridership_beats_forecast2010-04-12 09:08:02How do the Chinese people view Mao Zedong?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_do_the_Chinese_people_view_Mao_ZedongIt's hard to overstate how much the Chinese people revere Mao Zedong. In the Chinese consciousness he's something like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson combined into one: 2010-02-25 10:08:26Fireworks debate picks uphttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Fireworks_debate_picks_up2010-02-21 10:08:38Ditan Park temple fair abuzzhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Ditan_Park_temple_fair_abuzz2010-02-18 10:08:22Happy Chinese New Yearhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Happy_Chinese_New_Year2010-02-14 09:08:42Millions make chunyun trip homehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Millions_make_chunyun_trip_home2010-02-11 09:08:15Super Bowl broadcast livehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Super_Bowl_broadcast_live2010-02-08 09:08:48Expats: Beijing as global city?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Expats:_Beijing_as_global_city2010-02-02 09:08:16NY Yankees to tour trophyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/NY_Yankees_to_tour_trophy2010-01-29 05:08:25How big is Beijing?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_big_is_BeijingThe municipality of Beijing consists of 16 districts and has a population of over 17 million people, and the urban area is home to about 13 million. This makes it the 9th most populous city in th]]>2010-01-29 00:00:00How capitalist is China?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_capitalist_is_ChinaMore capitalist than you might think. Despite several decades determined to build a communist state, China cannot shake a tradition of capitalism that goes back thousands of years.

There]]>2010-01-26 00:00:00The Killers cancel Beijing showhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/The_Killers_cancel_Beijing_show2010-01-25 05:08:08World Chocolate Wonderland debutshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/World_Chocolate_Wonderland_debuts2010-01-22 05:08:39Major music festival plannedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Major_music_festival_planned2010-01-15 05:08:31Top urban ice skating locationshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Top_urban_ice_skating_locations2010-01-11 05:08:15Subway lines near completionhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Subway_lines_near_completion2010-01-08 05:08:02Christmas here means shoppinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Christmas_here_means_shopping2009-12-25 04:08:07LA Lakers promote city tourismhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/LA_Lakers_promote_city_tourism2009-12-20 04:08:49What are the tones in Chinese?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/What_are_the_tones_in_ChineseYes, Chinese is a tonal language, so that a word generally derives its meaning from the intonation a speaker gives it. There are four tones in standard Mandarin, not including an unstressed fifth]]>2009-12-18 00:00:00Beijing surpasses 4 million carshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_surpasses_4_million_cars2009-12-16 04:08:36Wudaokou school revives Chinese operahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Wudaokou_school_revives_Chinese_opera2009-12-13 03:08:30How safe is Beijing?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/How_safe_is_BeijingBeijing is very safe, generally speaking. Incidents involving foreigners are infrequent and non-confrontational, and the most common example may be an unscrupulous taxi driver overcharging his gues]]>2009-12-07 00:00:00Burger King opens first Beijing restauranthttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Burger_King_opens_first_Beijing_restaurant2009-12-05 03:08:10Is China a threat to the US?http://www.wudaokou.com/article/Is_China_a_threat_to_the_USIt depends upon who you ask, but it's safe to say no.

At the 2009 Aspen Ideas Festival 2009-11-22 03:08:57President Obama tours Great Wallhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/President_Obama_tours_Great_Wall2009-11-18 03:08:23President Obama arrives in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/President_Obama_arrives_in_Beijing2009-11-16 03:08:05Snowstorm slams Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Snowstorm_slams_Beijing2009-11-12 03:08:40Cold spell puts Beijing on alerthttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Cold_spell_puts_Beijing_on_alert2009-11-09 03:08:27Michael Jackson documentary premiereshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Michael_Jackson_documentary_premieres2009-10-28 02:08:49Beijing, Mexico City become sister citieshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_Mexico_City_become_sister_cities2009-10-21 02:08:57Kenyan, Chinese athletes win Beijing Marathonhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Kenyan_Chinese_athletes_win_Beijing_Marathon2009-10-18 02:08:41Beijing-Honolulu flights now officialhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing-Honolulu_flights_now_official2009-10-14 02:08:54Nuggets defeat Pacers in NBA exhibitionhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Nuggets_defeat_Pacers_in_NBA_exhibition2009-10-12 02:08:42China Open upset makes Serena No. 1http://www.wudaokou.com/article/China_Open_upset_makes_Serena_No_12009-10-07 02:08:31Beyonce show scheduledhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beyonce_show_scheduled2009-10-03 02:08:52China celebrates National Dayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/China_celebrates_National_Day2009-10-01 02:08:04Security tight for National Dayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Security_tight_for_National_Day2009-09-28 01:08:16Gas blast rattles neighborhoodhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Gas_blast_rattles_neighborhood2009-09-25 01:08:10Hu Jintao addresses UN in New Yorkhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Hu_Jintao_addresses_UN_in_New_York2009-09-22 01:08:14Chinese party elites meet in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Chinese_party_elites_meet_in_Beijing2009-09-21 01:08:21National Day parade rehearsal shuts down city centerhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/National_Day_parade_rehearsal_shuts_down_city_center2009-09-18 01:08:45Beijing, Singapore airports sign partnershiphttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_Singapore_airports_sign_partnership2009-09-14 01:08:42Africa festival held in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Africa_festival_held_in_Beijing2009-09-06 11:08:07Wizards return to Beijing 30 years laterhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Wizards_return_to_Beijing_30_years_later2009-08-28 11:08:34IKEA a top hangout for Beijingershttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/IKEA_a_top_hangout_for_Beijingers2009-08-25 11:08:04Obama to visit in Novemberhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Obama_to_visit_in_November2009-08-22 11:08:57Beijing cars: 1,200 new arrivals dailyhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_cars:_1200_new_arrivals_daily2009-08-19 11:08:21New Balance opens first Beijing storehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/New_Balance_opens_first_Beijing_store2009-08-15 11:08:41Young foreign professionals in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Young_foreign_professionals_in_Beijing2009-08-12 11:08:24Huabiao Awards held in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Huabiao_Awards_held_in_Beijing2009-08-11 11:08:24US ambassador to China confirmedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_ambassador_to_China_confirmed2009-08-09 11:08:28IBM picks Beijing for worldwide centerhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/IBM_picks_Beijing_for_worldwide_center2009-08-04 11:08:06Olympic arena becomes Beijing beachhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Olympic_arena_becomes_Beijing_beach2009-08-01 10:08:29IKEA to build Beijing megastorehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/IKEA_to_build_Beijing_megastore2009-07-27 10:08:10US ambassador confirmation beginshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_ambassador_confirmation_begins2009-07-24 10:08:24Solar eclipse observed in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Solar_eclipse_observed_in_Beijing2009-07-22 10:08:07Beijing home on exhibit in New York Cityhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_home_on_exhibit_in_New_York_City2009-07-19 10:08:02Rainy weather soaks Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Rainy_weather_soaks_Beijing2009-07-16 10:08:44Pioneer scholar mourned in Wudaokouhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Pioneer_scholar_mourned_in_Wudaokou2009-07-13 10:08:31Will Smith in Beijing for movie shoothttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Will_Smith_in_Beijing_for_movie_shoot2009-07-09 10:08:13Beijing--Lhasa direct flights beginhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing--Lhasa_direct_flights_begin2009-07-06 10:08:34Beijing land auction is a China recordhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_land_auction_is_a_China_record2009-07-02 10:08:31Michael Jackson remembered in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Michael_Jackson_remembered_in_Beijing2009-06-27 10:08:22Heatwave sizzles North Chinahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Heatwave_sizzles_North_China2009-06-26 10:08:21Beijing 798 art district to host biennalehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_798_art_district_to_host_biennale2009-06-23 10:08:16Water Cube pool now open to publichttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Water_Cube_pool_now_open_to_public2009-06-20 10:08:17IBM opens new center in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/IBM_opens_new_center_in_Beijing2009-06-17 10:08:19China swine flu updatehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/China_swine_flu_update2009-06-13 10:08:35Apple to open 2nd store in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Apple_to_open_2nd_store_in_BeijingConstruction is underway for Apple's new futuristic-looking store in Beijing, according to ifoAppleStore. The store, which is expected to open in the fall, will feature "a traditional Chinese-style]]>2009-06-05 10:08:52US Treasury Secretary in Wudaokouhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_Treasury_Secretary_in_WudaokouUS Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner today spoke at Wudaokou's Beijing University to discuss the state of the global economy, the New York Times reports. The talk discussed the financial crisis a]]>2009-06-01 09:08:25Dragon Boat Festivalhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Dragon_Boat_Festival2009-05-29 09:08:34US Speaker of House in Wudaokouhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_Speaker_of_House_in_WudaokouUS Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke today at Beijing's Tsinghua University on behalf of a delegation from the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, the Associated]]>2009-05-25 05:08:31US Ambassador to China selectedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/US_Ambassador_to_China_selectedThe New York Times reports that President Obama has selected current Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. to serve as the next US Ambassador to China. A devout Mormon who learned to speak Chinese as a mi]]>2009-05-19 05:08:22Reformist leader memoirs to be publishedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Reformist_leader_memoirs_to_be_publishedThis upcoming week the journals of reformist leader Zhao Ziyang will be published by Simon and Shuster, according to the New York Times. Titled "Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Zhao Zi]]>2009-05-15 05:08:44National Day weather planshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/National_Day_weather_plansXinhua News reports that Beijing's meteorological department is at work on plans to disperse rain clouds for Chinese National Day this October 1. The weather modifications, which were reported to b]]>2009-05-11 05:08:38Rush visa service suspended for Americanshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Rush_visa_service_suspended_for_AmericansYesterday Chinese authorities announced that express and rush visa services for American citizens were being suspended until further notice, China Briefing reports. With the suspension of expedited]]>2009-05-07 05:08:45Swine flu updatehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Swine_flu_update2009-05-06 04:08:50Labor Day national holidayhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Labor_Day_national_holidayToday marks the beginning of China's Labor Day holiday, one of a handful of national holidays throughout the year. The holiday, which lasts for 3 days including the weekend, gives people nationwide]]>2009-05-01 04:08:02Beijing documentary in the workshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_documentary_in_the_worksJournalists from 34 Chinese TV stations are in Beijing to work on a documentary that will discuss the changes to the city since the Olympics games, according to Xinhua News. The documentary, which ]]>2009-04-28 04:08:48Japanese PM to visit next weekhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Japanese_PM_to_visit_next_week2009-04-24 04:08:52Beijing subway wait shortenedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_subway_wait_shortenedRepresentatives of Beijing's subway authority said that beginning this week, the interval between trains on its line 2 will be reduced from 2.5 to 2 minutes, according to Xinhua News. Line 2, which]]>2009-04-20 04:08:26New Zealand PM speaks at Wudaokou schoolhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/New_Zealand_PM_speaks_at_Wudaokou_schoolNew Zealand Prime Minister John Key spoke earlier today at Beijing University and later met with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, according ]]>2009-04-15 04:08:03Beijing spring in full swinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_spring_in_full_swingSpring, the pleasant interim between Beijing's chilly winter and notoriously hot summer has brought to life the flowers and vegetation that are a welcome balance to the noise and pollution of this ]]>2009-04-13 03:08:04Olympic car use limits extendedhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Olympic_car_use_limits_extended2009-04-09 03:08:51Obama and Hu to meet in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Obama_and_Hu_to_meet_in_Beijing2009-04-04 03:08:48Earth Hour in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Earth_Hour_in_Beijing2009-04-01 03:08:19Wudaokou restaurants win awardshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Wudaokou_restaurants_win_awardsThe Beijinger magazine, one of two major English language publications that cover events and nightlife for expatriates, this week announced its 2009 Reader Restaurant Awards. Among the big winners ]]>2009-03-28 03:08:18Youtube presently inaccessiblehttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Youtube_presently_inaccessibleGoogle yesterday reported that Youtube has recently been blocked in China, the New York Times reports. This announcement comes as little surprise to those living here, because Youtube has been unre]]>2009-03-25 03:08:24China urges North Korea talkshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/China_urges_North_Korea_talksBefore his official visit ended yesterday, the premier of North Korea was urged by Chinese President Hu Jintao to resume international talks aimed at dismantling its nuclear program, according to A]]>2009-03-22 03:08:11North Korean premier visitshttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/North_Korean_premier_visitsNorth Korean Premier Kim Yong II arrived in Beijing yesterday as part of a 5-day goodwill visit tour, according to Xinhua News. The visit, which began with stops at Taishan Mountain and Confucius' ]]>2009-03-18 03:08:08Beijing professor sent Westhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Beijing_professor_sent_WestA Beijing University law professor has been assigned to teach in the Western province of Xinjiang in what may be a reaction to a difference in ideology, according to ABC News. It is reported He Wei]]>2009-03-13 03:08:33Bookworm International Literary Festivalhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Bookworm_International_Literary_FestivalHaving opened this past Friday and continuing until March 20, the Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009 will bring to Beijing 50 writers in 46 events. Writers include "novelists, historians]]>2009-03-08 02:08:20Zhang Yimou to direct anniversary galahttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Zhang_Yimou_to_direct_anniversary_galaOscar-nominated director Zhang Yimou, who may be remembered for directing both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics, is currently planning a firework "gala" in Beijing to celebra]]>2009-03-05 02:08:13Rock band Oasis cancels Beijing showhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Rock_band_Oasis_cancels_Beijing_showBritish rock band Oasis has canceled the two China dates of its current world tour for unspecified reasons. The shows scheduled for April 5 in Shanghai and April 3 at Beijing's Capital Arena, which]]>2009-03-02 02:08:213rd New Beijing International Movie Weekhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/3rd_New_Beijing_International_Movie_WeekThis week marks the middle of the 3rd New Beijing International Movie Week, which brings independent films from around the globe to audiences in Beijing. With screening nights running from this pas]]>2009-03-01 01:08:14China Daily launches US editionhttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/China_Daily_launches_US_editionChina Daily, the large state-owned English-language newspaper, launched its brand new US edition in New York this past Monday, according to its website. The editor-in-chief, Zhu Ling, described the]]>2009-02-25 10:08:00Secretary Clinton in Beijinghttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Secretary_Clinton_in_BeijingUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in town today from Seoul, Korea. This is the last stop in a trip that has also included Tokyo and Jakarta. According to the New York Times, she is sche]]>2009-02-21 00:00:00Year of the Ox is upon ushttp://www.wudaokou.com/article/Year_of_the_Ox_is_upon_usThis past week's Lantern Festival marked the end of the celebration of Chinese New Year here in the capital city. Chinese New Year is the most major holiday in Chinese culture, and nearly all Chine]]>2009-02-18 00:00:00