Raising a bilingual child (Chinese)

Thinking about exposing your child to a new language?

Time is on your side!
  • Any parent can raise a bilingual child -- even if they themselves are monolingual

Parents can (and do) raise their kids to speak languages they cannot speak themselves

  • Kids are perfectly suited for learning languages

Called the "critical period hypothesis," research shows that kids up until their teenage years learn languages with ease

  • Fluency doesn't have to be the goal, but it can be

From dabbling with enrichment to pursuing a lifelong skill, learning another language is hugely rewarding

  • Learning another language is a special accomplishment

About 4 in 5 Americans are monolingual -- learning another language is a great opportunity to stand out!

  • Raising a bilingual child requires some focus & consistency

All it takes to learn Chinese is the right tools & a desire to do so!

  • Our online kids lessons are the perfect way to start!

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