Wudaokou Classroom Policy Notice

Dear Valued Student,

Like schools everywhere, our classroom policy helps ensure you receive the best possible learning experience. We don't have many rules, but the few we do have should sound familiar to students of all ages.

Be ready for class

1. Prior to the start of a 1-on-1 live class or consultation, the student must be prepared for class, including:

  • logging in at www.wudaokou.com and opening your active lesson in time for the start of class
  • being on Skype and making sure your audio and/or video works
  • having your notebook out and ready

2. In the My Account section of the website, please keep your information accurate. This includes your correct time zone, Skype name, and contact phone number, so we may conduct class over the phone if necessary.

Be respectful

3. A smile is all you need. People from different parts of the world at times may have culture differences, but all that is needed to learn and have fun is a positive attitude. Bad language or abusive behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom.

Give 36 hours advance notice for class cancellations

4. Due to the large time difference between China and elsewhere, class cancellations must be made at least 36 hours in advance of class start time. Classes cancelled at least 36 hours in advance may be made up at no cost to the student; classes not cancelled 36 hours in advance cannot be made up and the 1-on-1 class credit is spent. Please cancel a class in writing to tutors@wudaokou.com

Questions or feedback?

We'd love to hear from you at support@wudaokou.com

Thanks for your cooperation and have fun learning Chinese!

The Wudaokou Team