Usher in Beijing sings some Mandarin

July 14, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Usher and Leehom Wang (王力宏 or wǎng lìhóng in Mandarin) on stage together in Beijing Sunday night, above.

American R&B music star Usher performed this Sunday in Beijing's Wukesong Stadium -- even singing a bit of Mandarin, MTV reports. In his first-ever show in China, Usher teamed up with American-Taiwanese artist Leehom Wang, who is very popular in China for his Mandarin pop songs, to make the show a duet of two stars. While Usher did attempt to sing in Chinese, at least one reviewer was unable to make out what he was saying -- you can watch the video for yourself here. For his part, Usher was excited to be in front of fans in Beijing and exhorted them to sing along with him. At the end of the show, Usher gushed, "This is the first time that a Chinese artist and an American artist have performed together" -- which may or may not be true but suggests it may not be the last.

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