Top urban ice skating locations

January 11, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Living in a city known for both its watery imperial parks and chilly winters, it should come as little surprise that urban ice skating is a popular winter activity for Beijingers, and four of the city's best ice skating destinations are detailed today by the People's Daily Online. Perhaps the most well-known spot is Hou Hai -- 后海 or hòuhǎi in Chinese -- because it is centrally located north of the Forbidden City and its popular nightlife surroundings provide special ambiance. There is also Beihai Park, which is also centrally located; Zizhuyuan Park, which is closer to Wudaokou in Beijing's northwestern Haidian District; and Tao Ranting Park, which is located in Beijing's southern Xuanwu District. For students of Beijing University, the campus' No Name Lake -- 未名湖 or wēimínghú -- is a convenient spot to ice skate and take in the wintry surroundings; for visitors interested in checking out the urbanized sport, ice skates and multi-person sleds are typically available for rent at each location.

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