Tips for Traveling in Beijing: Climate and Weather

August 12, 2010 | Posted by Sarah

The beautiful scenery of the Summer Palace

Located in the warm temperature zone, Beijing has a climate of continental type. It has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer and winter last longer than spring and autumn. Summer begins from the end of May and lasts till the end of September with hot and wet weather. Winter starts towards the end of October and lasts for more than four months, which are cold, dry and windy. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of -4 centigrade degree, and July is the hottest, with an average temperature of 26 centigrade degree.

Beijing attracts many tourists in each season. Following are some suggestions for tourists coming in the four seasons respectively.


Spring is short in Beijing, from Middle March to the end of May. But the conditions are very comfortable for travelers. The temperature is moderate and there is abundant sunshine. Besides, fewer tourists come in this season than summer, so the reservation for hotels can be very easy. Jeans and sweaters are the most proper clothes for traveler, and a warm cap is suggested since there may be a strong wind sometimes.


Summer welcomes the largest number of tourists in Beijing. Since it is hot, T-shirts and light pants or shorts are the best choice for travelers. Sunglasses and parasols are also suggested to keep you from the strong sunshine. Thunder shower likes Beijing as much as the tourists, so don’t forget to pay attention to the weather forecast about thunder shower and take an umbrella with you.


Like spring, autumn provides a very pleasant weather for tourists. Between September and November, Beijing is a perfect destination with cool weather and fewer travelers. Dressing in layers is wise in this season because the temperature changes frequently from day and night. T-shirts and pants are enough for daytime, but sweater and jeans are best choice at night.


When winter comes, Beijing goes into the low tourist season. But tourists will be surprised by the substantial discounts offered by hotels. And if you are here during the Spring Festival, it will give you an amazing experience to celebrate this festivals with local residents. There’s one thing, do remember to wear down jackets when going out since it’s really an ice box.

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