Thanksgiving celebrated in Beijing

November 26, 2009 | Posted by Chris

Many expatriates from America and elsewhere today celebrated Thanksgiving in their adopted city of Beijing, Xinhua News reports. Whereas in the past there were few options for foreigners seeking to mark the holiday, nowadays local supermarkets and restaurants are more than happy to accomodate the expatriate looking for a turkey, stuffing or other Thanksgiving treat. Barbara Moore Toronto, an expatriate who moved to Beijing 14 years ago, spent her first few Thanksgivings abroad struggling to find decent Thanksgiving items, describing how she discovered local turkeys "were not very delicious" and ended up purchasing everything she needed in the US. "This year, I ordered a turkey from the supplier, which saved me almost 30 US dollars," she said, discussing how things have changed. Barbara is also lucky in another regard: her Beijing apartment is spacious enough for a large gathering of people, which is not always the case for many expatriates. However, even if she did not have the fortune to have an oven that can cook for 20 people and the space to enjoy it, Barbara easily can take her family of seven to any number of local restaurants that have prepared "Thanksgiving spreads with all the trimmings to comfort the homesick."

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