Super Bowl broadcast live

February 08, 2010 | Posted by Chris

This weekend's Super Bowl, in which the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 to become this year's NFL champions, was broadcast live to fans all over China, the People's Daily Online writes. Broadcast on channel CCTV-5, the game's 7:25 AM showing this morning illustrates the 13-hour time difference between Beijing and Miami, where kickoff was at 6:25 PM Sunday evening. Known in Chinese as 超级碗 or chāo jí wǎn, the Super Bowl is mostly observed in China by expatriates, who typically get up early and congregate at their favorite sports bar to get a taste of home, because broadcasts of regular season and even playoff NFL games are difficult to find in China. Last year 2.2 million Chinese tuned in to watch the Steelers defeat the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43, and to build upon this audience, the NFL this weekend hosted Super Bowl parties in Beijing and Shanghai for the third year in a row. Fans who attended the Beijing Super Bowl party were treated to a surprise: a special appearance by the New England Patriot cheerleaders.

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