New Year's music blast in Wudaokou

January 01, 2010 | Posted by Chris

The New Year was warmly ushered in late last night at Wudaokou's D-22 music venue with performances by many of Beijing's leading local rock bands, according to the venue's website. Located in between the Wudaokou subway station and Beijing University's east gate, D-22 is an up and coming Beijing landmark that is on the cutting edge of the city's emerging music scene. The headliners of last night's event -- popular local band Carsick Cars -- frequently perform at D-22, which reputedly seeks to go beyond simply being a music venue to fostering the development of Beijing's music talent. Rock 'n' roll is incresingly popular with young people in Beijing who find the music a new way to comment on the changes taking place in the city and Chinese society: far removed from traditional Chinese art forms, Western-inspired rock music is fertile ground for fresh artisitic expression. Nowhere is this more clear than at D-22, which continues to nuture Beijing's rock scene into focus; in addition to the Carsick Cars, bands Guai Li, Tookoo, Ourselves Beside Me, and The Gar also performed last night.

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