Hu Jintao addresses UN in New York

September 22, 2009 | Posted by Chris

Chinese President Hu Jintao today addressed a United Nations conference on climate change, the New York Times reports. The conference, which was daylong and focused solely on combating green house emissions, drew about 100 heads of state. President Hu spoke of four objectives his country would pursue to help combat climate change, and they include significantly cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, drastically increasing the size of forests in China, increasing the use of non-fossil fuel to 15% of all produced power by 2020, and an across-board commitment to develop a green economy; he did not provide particular numerical details. President Obama also addressed the assembly, reiterating his stances on promoting green growth. It is appropriate that the leaders of both countries spoke today, because China and the US together are responsible for about 40% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions -- an amount split about equally between them. Notably, world leaders are working hard to negotiate an agreement on cutting emissions ahead of a global summit in Copenhagen in December.

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