How easy is it to move to China?

April 06, 2010 | Posted by Chris

The Beijing Capital Airport, above, is the world's third busiest.

It's pretty easy, which is partly why it's happening so much. Tourist visas for 30-90 days aren't hard to get if you're from a developed country, and you can extend your visit without much effort by purchasing a new one in Hong Kong. Because of this, it's not unusual for foreigners in Beijing to stay for a year or longer on tourist visas. Lengthier multiple-entry business and student visas are also generally easy to obtain with proper documentation.

Numbers of direct international flights to Beijing have increased drastically over the years, and a quick online search reveals all sorts of traveling options. Greater numbers of hotels and tours, too, make coming to Beijing easier than before.

For these and other reasons, there's little surprise why Jack Perkowski, founder of one of China's largest automotive parts manufacturers and author of the influential book Managing the Dragon, says in the New York Times, "I've seen a surge of young people coming to work in China over the last few years...When I came over to China in 1994, that was the first wave of Americans coming to China. These young people are part of this big second wave."

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