Google moves Chinese website

March 24, 2010 | Posted by Chris

In one of the more colorful recent developments in China's business landscape, search leader Google has opted to close its mainland Chinese website and direct traffic to its search engine in Hong Kong, according to the company. Since Google first suggested it may do so back in January, numerous commentaries and analyses have sometimes offered conflicting and passionate reports of what it means. Google and Chinese regulators have both sought to downplay the move as a simple commercial issue, and Google has repeatedly said that it will maintain its research and development and other operations in mainland China, which are headquarterd in Beijing's Wudaokou area. Life will go on for all parties involved, and those that stand to gain the most are Google's Chinese competitors, who have already drafted strategies for taking Google's marketshare and recruiting its talent. Despite the move, Google users in mainland China may access any one of the search engine's overseas sites just like they are accustomed to, and it is highly unlikely that Google will be blocked altogether in China. Google's China business represents less than 2% of the company's income, and some of that will be maintained as they seek to promote their mobile phone platform in the mainland.

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