Chinese dumplings are symbolic and taste great

August 05, 2010 | Posted by Sarah

In China, dumpling (jiaozi) is a traditional food. Chinese people are deeply attached to it. There are several key words associated with dumplings in my mind: wealth, family union, festivals (happiness and celebration), and delicacy.


The shape of Chinese dumpling is like gold and silver ingots, which were currencies in ancient China. People made them in such shapes to show their wish to gain wealth. Traditionally, when people make dumplings on the eve of the Spring Festival, a coin will be put into a dumpling. The one who find it will likely have a good fortune in the New Year.

Family union

It’s a complicated job to make dumplings since it needs much preparation work. So dumplings will be made only on an occasion when there are a lot of members. In another word, making dumplings is a team work, and usually, the team refers to a family. So, there is nothing better to enhance family connection than making dumplings while chatting and laughing together with all the family members. Many Chinese learn to make dumplings at a very young age and enjoy the fun of being a member of the dumpling-making team.

Festivals: happiness and celebration

Dumplings symbolize New Year. In some place of China, there is one saying: No dumplings, no Spring Festival. From this, we can see the significance of dumplings to this festival. In fact, making dumplings and eating dumplings are the most important activities of Spring Festival. What’s more, people also eat dumplings on other festivals. In a word, dumplings symbolize happiness and celebration.


Dumpling is a very delicious food. There are a variety of dumplings with different fillings, such as vegetables, meat, seafood, and so on. And you are free to mix these ingredients together according to your taste preference. Moreover, dumplings are good enough to act as a whole meal. That means when you have dumpling for dinner, there’s no need to cook anything else except for some big occasions.

Now, in China, there are many quick-frozen dumplings sold in supermarkets. They are ready-to- eat food and if you buy them, what you need to do is just to boil them. But Chinese dumpling means far more than that. It is a tradition, and a culture.

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