Bookworm Literary Festival

March 10, 2010 | Posted by Chris

The 2010 Bookworm International Literary Festival in Beijing continues its 15-day schedule of events and participants have been enjoying the festival despite some cancellations by a couple big-name authors, according to the Beijing Bookworm and other reports of the festival. Hosted in conjuction with partners in Suzhou and Chengdu -- major cities in China's eastern seaboard and mountainous southwest, respectively -- the literary festival runs from March 5-19, and in the words of its organizers, it is "unlike any other event series taking place in China's capital city...with its range of strident voices from China, Asia and beyond, [it's a] fitting testament to the truly cosmopolitan, irrepressible nature of the city we all know and love." In disappointing news to festival-goers, author Peter Hessler -- one of the most popular contemporary writers about life in China -- has cancelled his appearance for personal reasons. Australian author Robert Dessaix, too, has cancelled his appearance -- but for different reasons: it is reported that he was denied a visa to enter China because he is HIV positive. Nonetheless, the show at the Bookworm Literary Festival continues to go on, and dozens of events remain, including an appearance by Jeremy Goldkorn, who is the founder of and is considered a pioneer in China-related New Media. For those unfamiliar, the Bookworm in Beijing is part library and part coffee shop, a popular hangout for expatriates that are looking to either borrow an English-language book or meet friends for a discussion in a comfortable environment.

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