Bird's Nest as winter wonderland

December 02, 2009 | Posted by Chris

In an effort to increase daily visitors and meet operating costs, the parent company of the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium has unveiled plans to turn the arena into a winter destination for skiing and other activities, the China Daily reports. Beginning December 19, visitors to the Bird's Nest may take part in a two-month-long "snow festival" after paying an entrance fee of 120 yuan -- quite a chunk of change for frugally-minded Beijingers. The stadium's managers plan to draw 20,000 visitors a day, which is twice the number of people it attracts now, but the good news is that only 5,000 daily visitors are necessary to meet costs. "It's not a bad idea. You can ski on man-made snow in Dubai, so why not here?" asked Heiko Grasse, a tourist from Munich, Germany. If all goes well the Bird's Nest is poised to host man-made snow events for the next five winters.

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