Beijing's Green Cycle Ride

October 25, 2009 | Posted by Chris

Yesterday a diverse crowd of more than 100 cyclists participated in the Green Cycle Ride from the city's Drum Tower to its Museum of National History, reports. The event was organized by environmental group to mark the International Day of Climate Action, and throughout China about 300 youth organizations participated in other activities planned for the "China Youth Climate Change Day of Action" organized by the China Youth Climate Action Network. The ride from the Drum Tower to the Museum of National History covered a distance of about 10 kilometers and took 1.5 hours to complete -- not bad when considering the busy city streets they traversed. A stop on blue subway line 2, the Drum Tower is located on the northern 2nd ring road, and the museum is in Beijing's western side, located at a stop on red subway line 1. The Green Cycle Ride concluded with exhibitions, games and petitions at the museum, activities that featured students from Beijing's many colleges.

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