Beijing visitor's guide: the Silk Street Market

August 31, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Shopping at the Silk Street Market in Beijing, above, is often an adventure -- be sure to bargain down prices before you buy!

The Silk Street Market is a very famous shopping center located in Beijing, China. It is famous for their wide selection of clothes and other items. Many visitors feel Silk Street is a must-visit destination; therefore, foreigners say "Climb the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, eat Peking Roast Duck, and shop in Silk Street."

A great variety of goods

Attracting thousands of customers everyday, the Silk Market is seven floors of clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, leather goods, traditional Chinese crafts, calligraphy, carpets, home fabrics, paintings, hand-knitted dresses, toys, trinkets and souvenirs, fine jewellery and more. There are also plenty of custom tailors for suits etc. In a word, if you want to shop in China, Silk Street market offers whatever you may be looking for.

Bargaining: kanjia

Silk Street may best be known for the bargaining shoppers must do with the vendors. As the vendors will take advantage of the foreign guests and charge exorbitant international prices for items, shoppers must be careful to bargain down the price to something that resembles its local cost. In fact, bargaining has become a landscape feature of Silk Street: they simply go hand-in-hand. Generally, nothing has a price tag and you should aim to pay no more than half of any original price you have been quoted, sometimes much less than half depending on how exorbitant the first offer from the vendor is. Visitors that have not bargained for goods before will find it tedious but interesting and fun to go back-and-forth. And in the end, if you're not happy with the final offering price, you can always walk away.

In short, do remember to bargain before you decide to buy something in the Silk Street Market.

If you have a chance to come to China, Silk Street Market should be put in your travel agenda. You may be fascinated by the plenty of goods and the experience of bargaining.

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