Beijing, Mexico City become sister cities

October 21, 2009 | Posted by Chris

This Monday in Beijing the mayors of both Beijing and Mexico City signed an agreement to make the two national capitals "sister cities" and pledge closer cooperation between them, according to Xinhua News. At the ceremony both Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong and Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard committed to a memorandum outlining joint programs the now "sister cities" will conduct in the areas of trade, investment, education, tourism and urban management over the course of the next two years, and the mayors expressed optimism about the future. Beijing Mayor Guo told reporters, "This will become a new starting point for the two cities to expand exchanges and deepen cooperation." Mexico City Mayor Ebrard had a similar message, saying that his city "will give priority to developing friendly cooperation with China" and also pointing out some similarities that the two countries share in history, cultural diversity, population size and present research and development of new technologies.

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