Acrobat seeks world record

May 05, 2010 | Posted by Chris

The Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium yesterday kicked off an event in which a tight-rope walker will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for steel wire walking, according to Xinhua News. To break the record, a Uighur acrobat named Adili Wuxor -- dubbed the "Prince of Tightrope Walking" for the several world records he already owns -- will live suspended 60 meters in the air for 2 months, spending 5 hours each day walking over 12 miles on the wire. The event has been publicized for some time, and it is an attempt to generate revenue for the sports arena. For example, it's reported that the minimum bid to advertise during the event is 660,000 yuan, or just about $100,000 USD, and winning bidders are able to advertise on the small, suspended cabin in which the performer will live or even choose the name of the event. The show, meanwhile, promises to not disappoint: the tight-rope walker hails from the Western Chinese "Dawazi Family," which is reported to have a 430-year tradition of acrobatics.

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