2010 Asian Games open in Guangzhou -- a top 10

November 14, 2010 | Posted by Vicky

An outside aerial view of the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou, China, this weekend.

The 2010 Asian Games opened this weekend in China's southern city of Guangzhou. Over the period of two weeks, athletes from nations across Asia will compete in 476 events that span 42 sports, including board games like Go and Chinese Chess. The following is a list of the top ten highlights of the games' opening ceremony.

1. Boy sings while perched high above

In the opening ceremony a boy sings the Guangzhou nursery rhyme Luo Yu Da while sitting on the leaf of banana which is more than 160 feet tall and moving up to down, and right to left. The audio-visual effect of the prelude is very absorbing.

2. 180 kids from Shaolin fly on a huge sail

Perhaps the most unique program of the opening ceremony is the skyriders, which involves more than 1600 kids from Shaolin Martial art school. Divided into two teams, 180 of them fly back and forth on a huge sail, posing for different pictures, while others stand on the ground controlling their actions.

3. Zhang Ziyi and LangLang together sing the song Time

The Chinese virtuoso pianist LangLang and actress Zhang Ziyi together perform the song Time, a famous Chinese pop song.

4. Flower boat, sail boat and large boat onstage

Onstage three different boats came together to paint a vivid picture: the cruising flower boat casts a bright skyline, as the other two sail across the stage.

5. Nearly 600 youths play the "lie de drums"

Few people outside of hist city Guangzhou may be familiar with "lie de drums," which has local origins. The sight of nearly 600 young people playing in carefully choreographed order was captivating.

6. People from the whole world participate the Green One Minute

The Green One Minute was the only interactive part of the opening ceremony, in which visitors and observers could showcase their plants and ferns like performers onstage.

7. Athletes stroll walk of fame between the rain screens

In breaking with tradition, the atheletes entering the arena during the opening ceremony walked alongside the water stage to enter.

8. The rite of igniting the cauldron seems mysterious

The method of lighting the large cauldron of the Asian Games remains a tightly-held secret -- can any observers guess how it was done?

9. The brazier of holy fire rises from the center of the stage

Instead of building the "brazier of holy fire" well in advance, as is customary, this time it was hidden in the heart of the stage and was cermoniously raised at the end of the ceremony.

10. Fireworks on both Liede Bridge and Guangzhou Tower

As one may expect, the fireworks at the opening ceremony were spectacular. On Liede Bridge one can see the biggest fireworks in the world, and on Guangzhou Tower one can see a huge character of "汉" made up of fireworks.

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